Building Local Economic Development Capacities
Building Skills for Labor Market Needs

This week, the USAID’s Planning and Local Governance Project (PLGP) Decentralization and Public Finance Expert, in cooperation with experts from the Ministry of Finance and Economy (MoFE), provided on-the-job training to senior officials of the Municipality of Vlora to increase their capacities to effectively implement the instruments for Financial Management and Control (FMC). FMC is a system of policies, procedures, activities and controls through which financial resources are planned, directed and controlled to enable and influence the efficiency and effectiveness of public services.

The three-day training focused on the creation of a Risk Register for all municipal departments. Together with the expert team, municipal officials determined all the major objectives of their respective departments, identified and assessed risks for each of the objectives, and determined ex-ante and ex-post measures to prevent and minimize risks.

Ultimately, the completed Risk Register will support the Municipality of Vlora to improve budget planning and implementation as well as enhance the quality of public services they provide by anticipating and addressing risks in a timely manner.

Over the coming months, PLGP will continue to partner with the MoFE to pilot the implementation of the other remaining instruments of FMC in two other partner municipalities. We also plan to conduct regional knowledge-sharing and peer-to-peer learning events to include all PLGP partner municipalities.

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