P/CVE Awareness Training in Cerrik and Bulqiza
Reconstruction of Mbreshtani Irrigation and Drainage Canal

USAID’s Planning and Local Governance Project (PLGP) trained 20 members of the Cerrik Youth Board on the topics of advocacy and lobbing. The training aimed at building the capacities of the youth board and bringing positive models of participation through advocacy. During the training the girls and boys learned about the definitions of lobbying and advocacy, examples of international best practices, discussed some of their own successful experiences advocating in their community including having the municipality build a wheelchair ramp in the high school and build a new sewage system in one of the neighborhoods in an administrative unit, and discussed recent examples of public advocacy in Albania including the protests around the reconstruction of the National Theatre in Tirana and the building of dams on the Vjosa River. In the second half of the training the youth divided into groups to discuss and identify important issues in Cerrik to advocate with the local government, as well as in drafting advocacy action plans to reach their goals.

“The city lacks sports capacities and infrastructure” – The group agreed, “We want to spend our spare time in a healthier way and away from bad habits.”

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