20th Anniversary of Kuçova CAP
Financing the New Own Functions of Local Governments in Albania

Thanks to USAID assistance, AlbChrome and the Elbasan’s “Ali Myftiu” Vocational School are collaborating to establish a metallurgy/foundry class with at least 20 students of the 12th grade. Students graduating from this class will have secured employment with AlbChrome.

On May 24, 2018, PLGP facilitated an “Open Day” for the students of the 11th grade of the vocational school “Ali Myftiu” to visit the Ferrochrome Factory in Elbasan. Over 50 Mechanical Branch students joined this field trip and participated in a tour provided by the factory’s chief engineer. Students expressed their interest in making various questions and probing into some of the employment opportunities in the factory.

The project is also assisting the “Ali Myftiu” Vocational School and AlbChrome in preparing a promotional video focusing on the priority professions of the school with the final goal of increasing enrollment rate in this vocational school. The video specifically promotes the employment program jointly run by AlbChrome and the school and highlights employment opportunities with AlbChrome upon graduation from metallurgy/foundry class of the vocational school.

On May 30, 2018, PLGP cooperated with the school and the AlbChrome team to start shooting video footage at the vocational school and ferrochrome factory. We are pleased to report that on the same day, based on the field trip and awareness campaign supported by PLGP, 21 students expressed their interest and will to enroll in the 12th grade metallurgy/ foundry class for the first time in the history of this school.

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