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USAID keeps the promise. In August 2018, the USAID Planning and Local Governance Project (PLGP) delivered the Technical Design Project of the Mbreshtani Irrigation and Drainage Canal to the Municipality of Berat. It was only a few months ago (in February 2018) when Mr. Kevin McLaughlin, PLGP Chief of Party, and Mr. Petrit Sinaj, Mayor of Berat, signed a letter of agreement for cooperation in preparing the technical design project of the Mbreshtani Irrigation and Drainage Canal. Since that day, the USAID experts have been working together with representatives from the Municipality of Berat and Trans-Adriatic Pipeline (TAP) to finalize the technical documents required for the implementation.

“The reconstruction of Mbreshtani Irrigation and Drainage Canal will help the growth of agricultural production in more than 5 villages in the Municipality of Berat. Farmers in these areas have been struggling for many years to irrigate their lands.” – said Mr. Petrit Sinaj, Mayor of Berat during the signing ceremony in February 2018.

This technical implementation document paves the path to funding the reconstruction of the canal by the TAP. The reconstruction project will directly benefit over a thousand residents from 5 villages in Berat by repairing 12.9 kilometers of canals that serve over 252 hectares of arable land used to grow crops. The reconstruction work is foreseen to start in the coming months and this investment will amount to 360.000 Euros.

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