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The Guideline on Administrative Appealing Procedures of Tax Liabilities at the Local Level was produced over the past few months by PLGP Tax Expert with this assistance of STTA. With the consent and in collaboration with MoFE experts, the draft was consulted with most LGUs during the three regional workshops PLGP and MoFE organized with all LGUs on the New Methodology of the Building Tax.

The experts of the Ministry of Finance and Economy have reviewed, revised, and endorsed the attached guideline, including Minister Arben Ahmetaj.

This guideline was produced as part of our Year 7 work plan, Component I, Activity 4) Strengthen Financial Management Skills and Systems for Local Revenue Administration, Task 5) Develop a model guideline/regulation to assist LGUs on the procedures to be followed in administrative appealing processes on local taxes, including the property tax.

Click here to open/download the publication (pdf, 2 MB)

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