Guideline on Administrative Appealing Procedures
20th Anniversary of Kuçova CAP

The USAID’s Planning and Local Governance Project (PLGP) and the National Territorial Planning Agency (NTPA) organized on May 10-11 and May 15-16 two round tables focused in the implementation of General Local Territorial Plans (GLTP) through Local Detailed Plans (LDP). The roundtables aimed to support those municipalities which are involved in the process of drafting Local Detailed Plans and financial instruments of land development by giving insights on the legislative, practical and methodological requirements for preparing LDPs and feasibility studies in their support. 26 municipalities, that have finalized their GLTP plans, participated in the roundtables divided in two main groups.

The focus of the first roundtable, organized for two days on May 10-11, was on the legal framework for LDPs, presentation of LDP case-studies from the municipality of Tirana and Co-PLAN, Financial Instruments of Land Development and the methodology to conduct feasibility studies. The second Roundtable, organized on May 15-16, aimed at offering insights on more technical aspects related to the LDP process such as methods of data collection and the use of GIS for drafting LDPs.

Altin Pali, Urban Planner, Municipality of Ura Vajgurore: “This training is valuable as we can understand previous practices and methods for drafting Local Detailed Plans”

Albert Collaku, Urban Planner, Municipality of Klos: “This training is very useful for us. We are in the first steps of implementing the GLTP. Therefore, it is helping us a lot to understand where and how to start our work.”

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