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In light of the Territorial Administrative Reform (TAR), the territory of the new Municipality of Elbasan increased considerably, resulting to a larger administrative service area. The municipality-owned Water and Wastewater Utility is now responsible for providing water supply and sewerage services to the new expanded administrative boundaries of the Municipality of Elbasan. The WU of Elbasan has recently paid special attention to preparing an inventory of its water and wastewater assets and evaluating all the technical assets that the utility inherited from previous formal providers, such as former small utilities or local government units that merged with the Elbasan after the TAR. The USAID Planning and Local Governance Project served as technical advisor to the Municipality of Elbasan and its Water and Wastewater Utility to initiate the process of developing a complete Water Utility Asset Inventory database. This database will help both the municipality and its water utility to make better use of WU assets, plan their investments to improve operation of assets, and generate revenues from the sale or disposal of obsolete/unused assets.

The Elbasan Water Supply Service is organized in 24 individual water supply systems. The Water Utility (WU) in the Municipality of Elbasan has now a consolidated Asset Inventory Database, which includes the 24 individual water supply systems, ranging from the source, to the transmission mains and the distribution network. The Elbasan Utility is an excellent owner whom has successfully fulfilled the first phase of this challenging task, while following the guidance provided by the Council of Ministers’ Decision No. 63, “On the Reorganization of Water Supply and Sewerage Service Operators”.

The USAID Project considered the findings and outcomes of the Austrian-funded Asset Inventory and Evaluation of the Rural Areas Project and incorporated its data on rural areas studied in the main WU asset database. The Ministry of Infrastructure and Energy held a joint meeting between the Austrian-funded project and the USAID Project to share ideas and discus on the methodologies and techniques used to guide this process that could be replicated in other utilities across Albania. Following this meeting, the Advisor of the Minister on Water, Ms. Lindita Sotiri, expressed great appreciation of the USAID Project work in the water sector and asked for regular meetings to keep the Ministry apprised of the work progress in various municipalities, which can be used as examples to guide the work in other water utilities.

This achievement is the result of a collaborative, hardworking and persistent working group composed of the Elbasan Water Utility staff under the professional guidance of the USAID Project. This collaboration was highly appreciated by the local officials of the Municipality of Elbasan. The Deputy Mayor of Elbasan, Mr. Klevis Xhoxhi, who also serves as the Chairman of the Administrative Council of Elbasan Water and Wastewater Utility, appreciated the assistance provided by the USAID Project over these years.

“I personally am very pleased with the results achieved by the working group and I wish to thank USAID for its continuous support given to the Municipality of Elbasan in the water sector,” Klevis Xhoxhi, Deputy Mayor of Elbasan

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