National Round Table “Law on Local Self-Government Finance – One Year Later”
Supporting and Empowering the Bulqiza Youth Board

USAID’s Planning and Local Governance Project worked together with municipal officials of Elbasan to prepare the ground for establishing Economic Development Advisory Councils (EDAC), aiming to enhance private sector engagement at the local level. As a result, in February, the Municipal Councils of Elbasan approved the creation of the Economic Development Advisory Council.

The Elbasan EDAC has a composition of eleven voluntary members, a combination of representatives from the private sector and local government, and is chaired by the Mayor of Elbasan.

The first meeting of the Elbasan EDAC was convened on April 13, 2018, at the Elbasan City Hall. Mayor Sejdini expressed appreciation for the support of USAID’s Planning and Local Governance Project in creating the first ever Public Private structure for the Elbasan Municipality. The Mayor welcomed the representatives of local businesses to the EDAC and highlighted the important role that they can play in offering advice on economic development issues, assisting in prioritizing investment priorities, and in supporting the implementation of the General Local Territorial Plan.

Peter Clavelle, Decentralization/Local Governance Expert for USAID’s project, gave a presentation on how this EDAC can advise the Mayor and the Municipal Council and support the Municipality of Elbasan in improving economic growth and boosting job creation.

EEDAC kick-off is a good start in improving communications and cooperation between Elbasan Municipality, its municipal council and private sector representatives.

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