PLGP Chief of Party

Closing Thoughts on Women, Peace, Security Closeout

I’m pleased to share with you our final project newsletter, bringing a successful close to the one hundred and five months of PLGP’s work in Albania […]

Youth Boards: Empowering Youth for a Better Future

Although youth in Albania are recognized as agents for social change, they continue to be largely excluded from local governance and face a daunting lack of […]

Women’s Small Business Program Paves the Way for Transformation

With a total area of 37.18 km2, the Municipality of Kamza is nestled into the capital Tirana. A medium-sized city with 125,632 inhabitants, Kamëz is 100 […]

Formalization, Commodities, and Increased Access Empower Women Producers

USAID’s Planning and Local Governance Project (PLGP) conducted the first-ever Gender-Sensitive Value Chain Analyses in Albania in 2019. Throughout this process, different barriers to women’s inclusion […]

Strategic Fiscal Planning Empowers Local Governments to Increase Citizen Support

Budget Reallocation Provides Access to Food Aid in Times of Crisis A government must be responsive to the needs of its citizens, throughout times of crisis […]

Youth Programming Builds Resiliency and Cultivates Leaders

Youth in Albania unfortunately encounter aggression, violence, and other risk factors for various types of abuse in many homes and communities. Increased awareness of risk factors, […]

#YouAreNotAlone – Opening the Door for Victims of Domestic Abuse

As the world reacted to newly implemented health and safety measures, some families in Albania became more at-risk for a sadly familiar, insidious danger of domestic […]

Building Bridges: Reflecting on the Past and Looking Ahead towards Continued Growth

Anyone familiar with the phenomenon will tell you: Preventing and countering violent extremism (P/CVE) is complicated. In Albania, factors creating violent extremism have shown to be […]

Gender-Sensitive Value Chain Analysis in Albania

By Erald Lamja Women are present in all Albanian value chains and markets carrying out important functions. Although both the public and private sectors have numerous […]