Economic Development Advisory Council established in Elbasan
Guideline on Administrative Appealing Procedures

April 27-28, 2018 – USAID’s Planning and Local Governance Project (PLGP) held a two-day workshop in Bulqiza with 25 high school students to support the creation of the Bulqiza Youth Board. The youth board was identified by the Mayor of Bulqiza, Mr. Melaim Damzi, as an opportunity to build local capacities for youth leadership, youth participation in decision-making, and community development. This is just one of PLGP’s ongoing PVE activities that will help encourage youth to become more active in their community which will in turn protect their society from the drivers of radicalization in Albania.

Through this workshop, PLGP experts shared knowledge on various topics related to youth development including: role of youth in community and society, active participation, positive models of youth engagement, legal framework on youth organization, structure and functioning of youth boards, etc.

Project experts worked with the students in drafting an action plan, which will provide them with guidance on their future activities and involvement. PLGP will continue to support the institutionalization of this group. Working jointly with the Youth Board, the project will prepare a scope of work for the procedures and functioning of this group, as well as a Memorandum of Understanding to be signed with the Mayor.

Over the coming months, PLGP will deliver various training sessions on youth development aiming to equip them with additional knowledge and skills, and continue to strengthen the community of Bulqiza’s resilience to the drivers of extremism.

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