Closing Thoughts on Women, Peace, Security Closeout

I’m pleased to share with you our final project newsletter, bringing a successful close to the one hundred and five months of PLGP’s work in Albania […]

Youth Boards: Empowering Youth for a Better Future

Although youth in Albania are recognized as agents for social change, they continue to be largely excluded from local governance and face a daunting lack of […]

Women’s Small Business Program Paves the Way for Transformation

With a total area of 37.18 km2, the Municipality of Kamza is nestled into the capital Tirana. A medium-sized city with 125,632 inhabitants, Kamëz is 100 […]

Formalization, Commodities, and Increased Access Empower Women Producers

USAID’s Planning and Local Governance Project (PLGP) conducted the first-ever Gender-Sensitive Value Chain Analyses in Albania in 2019. Throughout this process, different barriers to women’s inclusion […]

Strategic Fiscal Planning Empowers Local Governments to Increase Citizen Support

Budget Reallocation Provides Access to Food Aid in Times of Crisis A government must be responsive to the needs of its citizens, throughout times of crisis […]

Youth Programming Builds Resiliency and Cultivates Leaders

Youth in Albania unfortunately encounter aggression, violence, and other risk factors for various types of abuse in many homes and communities. Increased awareness of risk factors, […]

Closing Thoughts on Women, Peace, Security Closeout

I’m pleased to share with you our final project newsletter, bringing a successful close to the one hundred and five months of PLGP’s work in Albania […]

Early Childhood Education in Albania at the Intersection of Municipal Finance and Governance

This paper situates the decentralization of education responsibilities to local governments in Albania against broader European trends. It then analyzes how preschools are currently managed and […]

Guide to Doing Business in Cerrik

Cerrik is a unique community in a diverse region. The town is a model of goodwill, wisdom, reliability, tolerance, and cooperation. It is a place of […]

Guide for Practitioners and Interested Stakeholders for Women Inclusion and Value Chain Development in Albania

This Guide aims to support more gender-responsive approaches to value chain analysis development and hence to economic growth in Albania. The Guide represents a useful resource […]

Briefing Paper: Gender-Sensitive Approaches in Value Chain Development

The objective of this paper is to outline the opportunities for Albania in developing and implementing gender-sensitive value chain and market development approaches within its ‘toolbox’ […]

Gender-Sensitive Value Chain Analysis in the Municipalities of Bulqiza, Cerrik, Dibra, Kamza, Pogradec, and Librazhd

The main objective of this analysis is firstly identify the main sectors in these partner municipalities that provide opportunities for economic growth and development and assess […]

Guide on Prevention of Violent Extremism

This guide was developed by the Countering Violent Extremism Center (CVE) and the USAID Planning and Local Governance Project. It is the first document that helps […]

For engaged, informed and safer citizens

Are you informed on radicalization and violent extremism? Why do people get radicalized? How can you identify radicalized individuals? What is the main state institution against […]

“I want to recognize USAID's merit of being a leader in promoting and pushing forward the process of decentralization and autonomy of democratically elected local governments.”
Arben Ahmetaj, Minister of Finance and Economy

I thank USAID/PLGP for their enormous contribution to the drafting, consultation and finalization of the Law on Local Self-Government Finance (LGFL). It was the most inclusive and comprehensive process of drafting a law ever undertaken in Albania. It is a clear example that should be followed in every law preparation process.” 
Erjon Luçi, Deputy Minister of Finance and Head of the LGFL Working Group

“Our thanks go to the USAID Project for their support in preparing these useful informational materials. They will also serve as a template we can replicate in coming years, and we are already planning to allocate funds in the upcoming year’s budget for that purpose.” 
Olsi Zenaj, Tax Department Director of the Municipality of Fieri

"I want to thank the USAID project for inviting us to participate in their training activities even though we are not a partner municipality. It is very useful for me to learn from other colleagues about the ways they apply for the implementation of the new law on property tax."  
Vladimir Mato, Director of Tax Department - Municipality of Pogradec

"USAID is making a valuable contribution to the inclusion and empowerment of women in agricultural economic activities, focusing in particular on the value chain for the production of honey, traditional food, handicrafts, and especially in the cultivation of medicinal and aromatic plants."
Bledi Çuçi, Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development of Albania