Join the “Support for Small Business Women” Program!

Are you a 18-65-year-old woman from Kamza? Have you always dreamed of having your own business? Have you lived a difficult life and often felt unsupported? But are you still full of energy and ready to start your own business? Ready to devote your time to a program for developing entrepreneurial skills and business competencies?

If so, you can apply to the “Support for Small Business Women” Program in Kamza. This program is free of charge and is supported by the USAID Planning and Local Governance Project (PLGP)/Women, Peace and Security in collaboration with the Municipality of Kamza and is implemented by Balance. This program aims at economically empowering 25-30 disadvantaged women and will help participating women learn entrepreneurial skills through action-oriented training. The program will provide training and counseling for women by providing them with the tools needed to bring their business idea to life.

Training and counseling will be provided in Kamza during February-May 2020. Apply and submit the application form before January 25, 2020 to the Municipality of Kamza’s Economic Assistance and Social Services Office or to your Administrative Unit.



Municipality of Kamza: Tanita Duro / E-mail:
Balance: Jetona Myteveli / E-mail:

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“I want to recognize USAID's merit of being a leader in promoting and pushing forward the process of decentralization and autonomy of democratically elected local governments.”
- Arben Ahmetaj, Minister of Finance and Economy

"I want to thank the USAID project for inviting us to participate in their training activities even though we are not a partner municipality. It is very useful for me to learn from other colleagues about the ways they apply for the implementation of the new law on property tax."  
Vladimir Mato, Director of Tax Department - Municipality of Pogradec

“Our thanks go to the USAID Project for their support in preparing these useful informational materials. They will also serve as a template we can replicate in coming years, and we are already planning to allocate funds in the upcoming year’s budget for that purpose.” 
Olsi Zenaj, Tax Department Director of the Municipality of Fieri

I thank USAID/PLGP for their enormous contribution to the drafting, consultation and finalization of the Law on Local Self-Government Finance (LGFL). It was the most inclusive and comprehensive process of drafting a law ever undertaken in Albania. It is a clear example that should be followed in every law preparation process.” 
Erjon Luçi, Deputy Minister of Finance and Head of the LGFL Working Group