Plan and Manage Urban and Regional Growth


In the aftermath of communism, urban areas came to embody the hope for a better and more prosperous life for many rural Albanians who migrated to cities. Urban growth was, and continues to be, significant, uneven, unplanned, and, in many cases, illegal, while many rural areas struggle with depopulation. The territorial reform of 2015 essentially added a rural hinterland to many urban cores. The practical administrative and financial difficulties of managing municipalities thus became more challenging. This gives more impetus to local governments to plan for the future with insight and foresight in order to provide services and opportunities.

The PLGP helps local governments guide and manage public and private development to ensure the best possible outcomes for the municipality and its residents, including the protection and enhancement of a local government’s key economic, social, and environmental resources and assets, and the extension of these economic, social, and environmental opportunities to everyone in the municipality.

The PLGP provides intensive assistance to five model municipalities in developing General Local Territorial Plans. The GLTPs place a municipality on a long-term, logical, and sustainable development path. PLGP assistance includes technical training for local elected officials and municipal planning staff, and the development of municipal databases. Accurate statistical data are essential for long-range strategy development and monitoring, and, in most cases, the PLGP is creating original databases. The PLGP also produced an authoritative Territorial Planning Toolkit as a how-to guide for all municipalities to reference in creating the legally-required comprehensive plans and complying with national planning and development laws.

The PLGP helps the Government of Albania and local governments develop the strong regulations required to accompany successful planning processes. The PLGP provided technical advice and support in developing the Law on Territorial Planning and Development and related bylaws. This body of legislation represents the overarching coordinating framework for territorial planning and development in Albania. The PLGP is also advising the GOA on a law regulating the design and use of public spaces, the lands most directly controlled by local governments and most directly accessed and shared by residents.  

Infrastructure is the backbone of any municipality, and government is the prime mover of infrastructure development in Albania. The PLGP is supporting the development of financial instruments to build national and local government capacity to maximize the benefits of public infrastructure through cost recovery, land value capture, and public-private partnerships.

The PLGP is also supporting the development of a National Territorial Plan to enable all sectors of the national government to plan future investment in an informed, efficient, and sustainable manner. PLGP support includes drafting terms of reference used to contract with the consultants who are helping the Ministry of Urban Development draft the plan.

The PLGP helps the Ministry of Urban Development and the National Territorial Planning Agency analyze and improve their institutional and workforce performance, as well as raise funds for planning and development initiatives.

All of the PLGP’s efforts support inclusive, participatory, multi-stakeholder planning as the basis of sustainable territorial development and as an anecdote to corruption and abuse. Voluntary Citizen Advisory Panels, created by the PLGP, are actively and meaningfully contributing to the development of General Local Territorial Plans in several municipalities.

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