Decentralization Working Group Kickoff Meeting

Kickoff Meeting of Decentralization WG

With support from the USAID Planning and Local Governance Project, the Minister of State for Local Issues organized the Kickoff Meeting of the Decentralization Working Group seeking to:

  • Present the Government of Albania’s plans and program for Decentralization Reform
  • Engage Representatives of Line Ministries of Government of Albania (GoA) in discussions and priority setting for decentralization reforms
  • Brief members of the Decentralization Working Group (DWG) about the roles and responsibilities of the Group
  • Provide an opportunity for a dialogue between local government representatives and GoA officials to build a Crosscutting Decentralization Strategy

Attendees of this meeting included ministers, vice ministers and other senior officials of the Government of Albania, US Ambassador to Albania, members of the Decentralization Working Group, mayors and deputy mayors, representatives of the civil society organizations, donor community and other stakeholders. 

Here are the presentations made in this meeting. 

Presentation of Enea Hoti, Advisor to Minister of State for Local Issues

Presentation of Peter Clavelle, USAID/Project Chief of Party

Presentation of Oriana Arapi, Department of Development Programming, Financing and Foreign Aid, GoA

History of Decentralization in Albania

Roadmap for Decentralization in Albania

Sector Assessment

Action Plan on Decentralization





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