Fiscal Decentralization Update

Review of White Paper on Fiscal Decentralization

This review of the White Paper on Fiscal Decentralization in Albania is designed to assess the changing situation over the intervening nine months and determine what changes and new opportunities exist to further decentralization and identify the immediate actions that the PLGP, and the Government of Albania, working with LGU could undertake to continue the efforts for fiscal decentralization.

Cover page of Update of White Paper on Fiscal Decentralization

The efforts to improve the situation of local governments in Albania over these past nine months from the initial White Paper submission has been impacted by the period of political campaigning and election for Parliament that culminated with the election on June 23.  In this period of intense political activity there was little opportunity to change the conditions or the situation of the local governments to any substantial degree. 

But the political campaign did allow the political parties to formulate their programs for addressing these issues facing local governments and provide the citi


zens with some indication of what they would do if they succeeded in winning the majority in the Parliament.

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