Status Reports

PLGP Status Reports

PLGP has produced four status reports on:

  1. Own Source Revenues

  2. Local Borrowing in Albania

  3. Municipal Assets Management

  4. Territorial Planning

The purpose of these documents is to bring an overview of the local borrowing situation, own source revenues, municipal asset management, and territorial planning in Albania, the concerns, challenges and the steps to be followed in the near future from the perspective of both central and local government.The reports are composed of four main chapters: (i) the first chapter...

provides an overview of the situation at local government level in Albania, (ii) the second chapter runs an analysis of the issue under consideration in the report; (iii) the third chapter reflects on the problems and issues raised and lists the respective conclusions; and(iv) the fourth chapter articulates some policy recommendations that can be considered from the PLGP and Government of Albania. 

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